Pre-Orders for Limited Merchandise

Pre-orders can be made on our Shopify for special items that will only be available for pick-up, such as limited-quantity artist merchandise (usually albums), at a physical concert.

1. Can I make reservations for artist merchandise?
We will announce when certain artist merchandise is available for pre-order. When this happens, you may make payment for your pre-order in our online store. You can then collect your purchase at the concert venue by producing your receipt at our merchandise cart. 

We will not entertain any requests to make on-site payment at the concert venue. 

2. Can I pre-order and pay cash when I pick up the item from the concert venue?
No. Pre-orders made on our Shopify must be paid in full online.

3. I cannot or do not wish to order online - will the items be available at the venue?
We will always do our best to reserve a certain quantity, outside of preorders, to be made available at the venue during the concert associated with the items. However, we cannot guarantee this.